Thermal Imaging

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Conducting infrared thermal inspections ​from the skies ensures swifter and more secure ​outcomes. Utilizing DrōnIt Aerial Services’ ​advanced thermal imaging, you can discern ​subtle heat discrepancies undetectable by ​human sight. This capability enables a ​comprehensive evaluation of infrastructure, ​leading to decreased expenses and minimized ​hazards. By pinpointing irregularities and ​preempting potential complications, equipped ​with high resolution thermal camera, facilitate ​meticulous inspections of vital structures, the ​detection of elusive moisture that eludes others, ​building energy audits and wildlife surveys.

First and foremost DrōnIt Aerial Services conducts all aerial ​drone flight operations in full compliance with the FAA ​regulations and in conformance with our internal procedures for ​safe, efficient drone operations.

With limitations, DrōnIt Aerial Services conducts qualitative* ​thermal inspections with both RGB and thermal images.

All game and wildlife surveys strictly follow the regulations set ​forth by the TPWD and the FAA. All surveys require the ​appropriate forms, permits, and waivers as set by the TPWD and ​the FAA. Each survey will require advance notice of 3 days and a ​signed Letter of Authorization (LOA) from the land owner.