Inspection ​Services

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Aerial inspections and commercial drone services can save time, money and ​can offer a new perspective to ensure your structural assets are in good ​working order. Most importantly, utilizing drone services limits the risk to ​workers tasked with undertaking inspections at height.

Engineering surveys for bridges, and other elevated structures will provide ​an up-close and detailed view of your assets, images will offer you the ​ability to confidently assess their condition allowing you to focus your ​resources and time directly where they are needed. Eliminating or greatly ​reducing evaluation time frees up resources for other tasks, higher ​productivity simply makes your business more effective.

DrōnIt Aerial Services provides drone inspection services for:

Industrial/Manufacturing Assessments

Oil and Gas Asset Investigation

Road Work, Railway, Pipeline and Utility

Cell Tower and Elevated Structures

Commercial Properties

Residential Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Environmental Compliance

Construction Site Monitoring

Insurance Assessments

Fire Scene Inspection

Disaster Site Inspection